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The newest science museum and only natural history museum in Orlando. Come join in on the excitement and appreciation for the natural world by exploring a collection of over 40 unique exhibits featuring 500 REAL skeletons from a 2” shrew to a 22’ killer whale. Explorers will even get to witness flesh-eating beetles hard at work!

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What our guests say:

Wow! This experience is fantastic! We had hoped to visit this at night, but the electrical storms and winds changed our plans.We went on Monday during the early afternoon. Great view! Worth the money. Tip: if you are staying at a local hotel, ask the concierge for discount tickets. Also, Tip: local residents already get a discount. Plan ahead!I'm horribly afraid of heights and shed a few tears. However, I appreciated the view, the smooth ride, my company in the capsule, and the air-conditioning!In addition, the ICON had a fantastic building for waiting out storms and just taking a break from the weather. Food, a bit of shopping, and tables are available. Besides, parking is free!Bring money for fun photos!We plan to return and visit at night!
Daina Horner
14:48 24 Jul 18
Great experience, it is a nice hanger of pace if you are looking for a much more personal experience. You get your own capsule. It moves at a very non scary pace allowing plenty of time to take in the views and sights. I can only imagine this area growing down the line and getting more and more. You can take drinks into the ride and for a nice evening you can really enjoy yourselves. Friendly, fun, clean and entertaining idea.
Rick James
14:35 19 Jul 18
Very nice and relaxing ride! I was so nervous at first because I am terrified of heights. I hate the traditional ferris wheels at carnivals and I thought this would be eerily similar. I was absolutely wrong. The capsules are air conditioned and filled with bumping tunes, which helps increase the excitement of the ride. In addition to these unique features, the view is phenomenal! I highly recommend this attraction. It is definitely an unforgettable experience!
Kimberly Griffin
06:01 09 Aug 18
Nice place to go and have fun while visiting thru International Drive, in Orlando. There's like a food court plus restaurants surrounding the Orlando I. At night especially it's very mesmerizing to just sit and stare, and just relax. When I went to the Icon, we were the last ones to ride it, it was 1145pm and the ride itself is like 25min long. We had so much fun! Definitely will bring parents next time!!
Maria Russe
00:04 23 Aug 18
It was really good and cheap. It's location is very good and close to everywhere. We went to Universal studio after here it was close you can see all city it takes 23 min and price is reasonable. You can combine the wheel 🎡 with aquarium or the other opportunities.
Rezan TUNG
23:09 20 Sep 18
You have to do this at least once. It is inexpensive and can be done fairly quickly. It is constantly moving but so slow you can't even tell. Nice view point from the top.
Tony Rose
15:11 03 Oct 18
Coming here at night is really nice. It was not very busy when we came and we we're probably one family of a few that jumped on. The staff was very friendly and welcoming. Parking was free and so we didn't feel like we were being extorted as tourists. The ride is about 20 minutes, so grab a sangria before jumping on.
Bhavik Patel
04:54 11 Oct 18
It really is a cool way to 'see Orlando'. Staff is always friendly. The popcorn and drinks are good too 😂. Something special and different for vacationers and locals. And not expensive.
Ciara Ferguson
03:22 12 Oct 18
I LOVE IT!! The free parking is a plus. The attractions were fun. The museum was awesome. The food was great. There was something for everyone in the family.
Patricia Bynes
22:49 15 Oct 18
I'm not much for heights but this was fun and a none threatening way to see Orlando from the air. The cars are large and are climate controlled, great in Florida heat. Also, it moves very slow so its a nice gentle ride that takes about 25 minutes. We went at night and the city light was very pretty. They have tablets mounted in the cars that you can use to identify some of the sights you will see.
Don Neebling
11:16 20 Oct 18
ICON Orlando offers a great view of the whole International drive area of Orlando day or night. I visited the ICON Orlando at night time and it was great. There wasn't a lot of people and I wish I had the opportunity not to be put in the same car as strangers. If it was busy, I could understand however, they had plenty of empty cars. Either way it was still a good experience.
Jason Perrone
15:58 26 Oct 18
This was a lot of fun. The views around sunset time are amazing. You can also book online like we did. It reminds me of the London Eye a lot. The front desk has a lot of interesting facts. They informed us, this one is larger than the one in London. Amazing
Philip Maldrov
00:56 31 Oct 18
I didn't expect to like it since I was born in pre-Disney Orlando. I was pleasantly surprised by the view since I could see more trees than development! It gave me a new perspective. November is definitely the time to go. The area is nice and clean, no huge crowds or really heavy traffic. 5⭐
K.J. Nettles
21:10 06 Nov 18
I went to the aquarium and the wax museum, will definitely be hitting up the actual Eye next time I'm in the area. It was so much fun!! So much to do and look at, so many restaurants and hotels in the area. Loved every second of it.
Choz En
03:58 07 Nov 18
Great view of the fireworks at Disney. This is a very comfortable ride. Great way to see the area. Especially at night. And the lights on the wheel are impressive.
Tim McIntyre
03:41 02 Dec 18
I can only speak about The Orlando Eye and its a spectacular experience for all ages. The service is quick and nice, bar is nice, not bad prices. The capsule is very slow for you to enjoy and not be afraid, clean, spacious, lighting is beautiful, and it has informational tablets about different Florida places. I have been here twice one at night and one during the day and I recommend them both. The view was very clear during the day but the lights were awesome during night. A must go.
Cristal Garcia
04:39 12 Dec 18
We enjoyed our visit, complete with free parking with the multi-level Garage in the same complex. Lots of Little Stores and restaurants along with the larger attractions. They did seem to have several locations closed, including one that was being renovated. The closures may have been because our visit was on a Monday. I would give this location 5 Stars if it had more shady areas. Waiting for attractions and the rest of our party had us scrambling for the very few shady areas for protection from the Sun. Come on folks this is Florida! It's always sunny here! On the plus side the entire area was very clean and neat.
Matt Bingham
23:45 03 Jul 18
A little pricey by itself but we got a deal for all 3 attractions that made it worth it. There's a bar right before you board so we had drinks while enjoying the scenery. The ride is just long enough to be entertaining without being boring. We had a lot of fun.
Mandy Bartlett
14:53 22 Jul 18
We visited the ICON right at sunset and couldn't have asked for a better view. We boarded right as the sun was setting, and by the time we got to the top, we had the last few moments of color from the sunset overlooking the whole city. The views are spectacular; and each party gets to ride in a car by yourselves. The units are air-conditioned, and there are screens on both the north and south ends of the car giving you information on what you're looking at. The whole ride takes about 20-22 minutes. The only downsides to this experience is the price is a bit steep; but it's in a heavy tourist area and was to be expected. You also cannot bring any food and drink into the car that isn't purchased through ICON. However, they do have a small bar with beer, wine and soda right before entering the car. Overall, it was a very cool experience!
Brooke Cheatwood
02:05 17 Aug 18
This attraction was available with the Orlando city pass; which is something I advise you get for at least a day. Line moved quick, attendants were friendly... one of them took a great family picture with wheel in background. The views are great (for Orlando); I suggest going right around dusk where you can see all the lights but still have enough light to get good pictures with your phone... both inside the ferris wheel carriage and outside. Would have given 5 stars if the carriage windows allowed for better pictures. The tinting made it harder to take good nighttime photos.
Dennis Wysocki
21:00 03 Sep 18
Awesome experience! 22 minutes for a full rotation. You can see so far when your up there. We paired it with the wax museum which was cool too. I'm glad parking was free since the parks charge so much.
Matthew Ferguson
01:20 27 Oct 18
It took us three years of living in Orlando to finally ride the ICON (Orlando Eye), not sure why we waited so long, timing just never worked out. We took our flight a little before noon and could see for miles. I bet night time would be even more impressive. There is a discount for riding before 4pm. We took our 3 year old son and he loved it. The cabins are spacious, have a small seat in the middle, and plenty of room for standing around the perimeter. There was pop music playing in our cabin, not the tour-guide I heard in some of the videos I watched. I am not sure if you can change this with the on-board computer, we didn't mess with it. They had an option for a group cabin with drinks included which I thought would be cool if we have a group of friends come visit in the future. Parking is FREE at the adjacent parking garage and there are an abundance of things to see and do within walking distance.
Kyle Ervin
13:13 25 Nov 18
So this place HS a ton of activities for all ages! It’s like a hot spot because it literally has food drinks of all kinds, and several attractions that are run by different companies ! Most definitely great for all ages from toddlers to grown ups! They’re is even a artificial grass area to picnic if you bring your own lunch like we did! It’s awesome all the other parents also just lounge in the grass area! Nice fountain sets the mood too! Get a feel for the people and you don’t have to go spend anything if you don’t want to.
Stephanie Herrera
00:51 07 Dec 18
We really liked it. Seeing out over the city gives one a good sense of where everything is. The wax museum was a hoot. Getting your picture taken with "famous" people was fun. Sealife is great for kids.
Carol Wolpert
19:25 12 Dec 18