Unless stated below, ICON Orlando will be lit in multi-colors similar to our logo.

May 2018

1st Cystic Fibrosis Month (Purple)

2nd Neurofibromatosis (Blue and green)

5th Cinco de Mayo (Red and Green)

9th Gender Reveal (Dawn)

10th Neurofibromatosis (Blue and green)

12th Black and White Weekend (black & white)

13th Mother’s Day (Pink)

17th Press Event

19th Armed Forces Day (Red, White and Blue)

24th Red Nose Day (Red)

26th Emergency Rapid Response Team (Green and Gold)

28th Memorial Day (Red, White and Blue)

31st Orlando Gay Days Kick-off(Rainbow)

June 2018

12th Pulse Shooting Remembrance (Rainbow)

14th Flag Day (Red, White and Blue)

17th Father’s Day (Blue)

30th Pulmonary Hypertension Association (Blue and Yellow)

July 2018

4th Independence Day (Red, White and Blue)

30th National Gastroschisis awareness day(Green)

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